Cirugía Estética Alicante
The patient is the sole owner of the right to information. If the patient is deemed incapable, then his/her family will be given the information.

The patient has the right:
  • To clear and accurate information about the nature of his/her illness, the effects that this is likely to have and the risks and benefits of the diagnostic procedures and therapies recommended, in order to make a clear and free decision with regard to them.
  • To undergo diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of proven efficacy according to the current “lex artis” (accepted good practice).
  • To give informed consent before surgery or invasive therapies which may pose a significant threat to his/her health.
  • To be treated with respect, dignity and courtesy.
  • To confidentiality, being assured that all information contained in his/her clinical history will remain confidential.
  • To provide an advance directive document in order to make clear his/her medical instructions to be followed in any case where he/she may be unable to express his/her wishes.
  • To receive a discharge summary which clearly identifies the patient and gives a summary of the patient´s clinical history, treatment given, diagnosis and recommended treatment.
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