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The Informed Consent Form is a document in which the patient is informed with regard to any intervention, the alternative treatments available and the possible risks and complications associated with the intervention. There is a different consent form for each type of cosmetic surgery and the patient should read, understand and sign the appropriate form.

The fact that the patient has signed this document is proof that he/she has been informed, and understands, and accepts the information which has been given.

Informed consent is an element which we consider to be of great importance in achieving a good level of understanding and a serious approach.
  • The responsible doctor must inform the patient of all details related to the procedure to be performed.
  • The patient´s right to know all of the details about the procedure means that he/she should attend on the day of surgery completely sure about what is going to be done.
  • The patient should read the informed consent form calmly before surgery – not on the day of the intervention when anxiety and nervousness may stop him/her from thinking clearly. Furthermore the points contained in the document may generate questions which should be answered before the day of surgery.
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